20th November -1st December 2021


One of the key requirements in modern business is negotiation skills. There are many risks in any compact, contract or deal. Effective negotiators are trained to identify those risks and mitigate them during the negotiations. It is often said that “they are a tough negotiator”, but experience has shown that being a “tough” negotiator can be much easier than an “effective” negotiator. Many people believe that in some cultures negotiation is in their blood and have a “souk mentality”. Such cultural strengths are useful but in the modern business transactions we need proper tools and a clear strategy to be successful. In this course, our aim is to harness such cultural strengths and create a uniform process so that the company has the confidence for its staff to negotiate with local and international parties. This course is meant for senior managers, executives and key professionals that are involved in negotiations. This module covers key aspects of negotiations, understanding of international contracts, project economics and business drivers.

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